1.7 Thunderfoil 2 Velocity - 53083 - Sport Kites

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1.7 Thunderfoil 2 Velocity

1.7 Thunderfoil 2 Velocity - 53083 - Sport Kites
1.7 Thunderfoil 2 Velocity - 53083 - Sport Kites
Item# 53083
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1.7 Thunderfoil 2 Velocity

  • Sail: Ripstop Nylon
  • Frame: 16 Ram-Air Cells
  • Sail Area: 0.87m square
  • Size: W 67" x H 26" (1.70 x 0.66m)
  • Wind Range: 4-25 mph
  • Flying Line: Includes 200# x 80' Spectra line with winder, wrist straps

    You get a tremendous rush of adrenaline the first time you are pulled off balance and fall forward flying a power kite. Thunderfoil IIs provide lots of traction for their size and their compact, easy to stow pouches mean you never have to leave home without them. Thanks to their solid pull and big kite feel, Thunderfoil IIs make excellent trainer kites for those seeking to learn the skills required for kite boarding.

    It features scalloped wings with 12 (1.2m) and 16 cells (1.7m & 2.4m), more than other dual line foils of this size, to provide a stiffer, more efficient profile that is fast and tight turning. Improved bridling and cross vented cells provide collapse resistance on the edges of the wind and amazing relaunch capabilities after a nose dive.

    Includes designer kite case.

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