Delta Kites - 50170 - Delta Conynes 5' Spectrum

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Delta Conynes 5' Spectrum

Delta Kites - 50170 - Delta Conynes 5' Spectrum
Delta Kites - 50170 - Delta Conynes 5' Spectrum
Item# 50170
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Delta Conynes 5' Spectrum

  • Sail: Ripstop Nylon
  • Frame: Fiberglass
  • Sail Area: n/a
  • Size: W60" x H27" / 152 x 68cm
  • Wind Range: 6-20mph
  • Flying Line: 50# Line inluded
  • Tail:

    The Delta Conyne is a painting of two styles, like a good recipe passed down through generations.
    The shape is a combination of a triangular box and a delta wing.
    Stable and versatile , it files well in a variety of winds, due to a large lifting surface while the cellular potion adds greater stability than traditional delta kites.

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