Kites Diamonds - 51047 - Diamonds Rainbow Jubilee

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Diamonds Rainbow Jubilee

Kites Diamonds - 51047 - Diamonds Rainbow Jubilee
Kites Diamonds - 51047 - Diamonds Rainbow Jubilee
Item# 51047
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Diamonds Rainbow Jubilee

  • Sail: Ripstop Nylon
  • Frame: Fiberglass
  • Size: W29" x H32" / 73 x 81cm
  • Wind Range: 5-18mph
  • Flying Line: 20# Line included
  • Tail: 6' Streamers

    The Diamond kite is clearly one of the most recognized and popular kites among children. Simple and easy to operate, coupled with bold and coloful designs, Diamond kites are difinitely a favorite among new and older fliers.

  • Diamond-Kite-Kit-Instructions-page1.pdf
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  • Flight-Instructions-1of2.pdf
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