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Goldfish Kite

Goldfish Kite - 54070 - Kites Sealife
Goldfish Kite - 54070 - Kites Sealife
Item# 54070
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Goldfish Kite

  • Sail: Ripstop Nylon with applique
  • Frame: Fiberglass
  • Sail Area: n/a
  • Size: W46" x H52" / 117 x 132cm
  • Wind Range: 5-18mph
  • Flying Line: 30# Line included
  • Tail: n/a

    Make a big splash with New Tech's huge selection of flying sea creatures. Our Sea Life kites are super fliers and look great in the deep blue sky.

    IMPORTANT IN-STOCK NOTICE: If you are having trouble finding this kite to purchase, please visit FAB.COM for special price and availablility!

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