Cellular Kites - 55033 - Pop Kan

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Pop Kan

Cellular Kites - 55033 - Pop Kan
Cellular Kites - 55033 - Pop Kan
Item# 55033
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Pop Kan

  • Sail: n/a
  • Frame: n/a
  • Sail Area: n/a
  • Size: W 15" x H 16" (38 x 40cm)
  • Wind Range: 5-20 mph
  • Flying Line: 30# line included
  • Tails: n/a

    The Pop Kan includes a reel of line that tucks into the donut-hole in the middle of the collapsed kite. To fly, just "pop" the kite open, and the line-reel pops out. We've even attached the line to the bridle! No set-up required.

    By Todd Hostteter

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