Dragon Kites - 53155 - Thunderfoil 42" Dragon

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Thunderfoil 42" Dragon

Dragon Kites - 53155 - Thunderfoil 42" Dragon
Dragon Kites - 53155 - Thunderfoil 42" Dragon
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Thunderfoil 42" Dragon

  • Sail: Ripston Nylon
  • Frame: Ram-Air Cells
  • Size: W 42" x H 21" (107 x 53 cm)
  • Wind Range: 7-20 mph
  • 80# x 80' Spectra line with winder, wrist straps and designer kite bag.

    Product Category Description: Thunderfoils are quite possibly the world's most awesome sport kite. They are portable and easy to fly, with no assembly required and no parts to break. These dual line foils are great for entry level sport kite fliers!

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